vote-pro-womanThis pamphlet was something I ended up scanning shortly before election day this year. To me, this was a great connection between the current election and the election in the context of the scrapbook.

In 1982–the beginning of my scrapbook–the Equal Rights Amendment failed to ratify in Congress. This meant women were prevented from making a huge gain towards equality of rights and protection under the law. As such, women had to find another way to have their voices heard and their causes advocated for. This meant putting people who were “Pro–Woman” into leadership positions. Hence, the encouragement to vote Pro-Woman in this election.

In the 2016 election, the major party candidates could essentially be boiled down to pro-woman or anti-woman. On one hand is Hillary Clinton, a feminist who has been paving the way for women around the world for decades with a longstanding political background in advocating for equality. On the other hand is Donald Trump, a misogynist who has verbalized his own sexual assault against others, has a long history of making sexist comments demeaning to women, and is an obstacle for equality.

How much has really changed since 1982?

Posted November 16, 2016