Fantastic Feminist Enterprises

fantasticfeministJo McQueen was tired of seeing toys for children that promoted a demeaning image of women as homemakers and housewives. So she took it into her own hands to create a doll to be the antidote of these outwardly misogynistic toys.

In recent years, articles about Barbie dolls have floated around, one particular article explaining how a human with the proportions of Barbie would not physically be able to be alive. Her waist is far too thin to support a human body. Barbie also is never seen without makeup on, or without accessories. What image does this give to kids? It tells them to be thinner, wear more makeup, and place more emphasis on material goods. The Fantastic Feminist doll provided a toy that gave a healthier image of women, portrayed as superheroes, racer drivers, astronauts, and other professions.

Posted November 16, 2016