The girl…

I simply love this column, it is right to the point and powerful in so many ways. From what ever year you grew up in everyone has witnessed a man saying this either in a movie, TV show or in their own life. It is one of the most degrading sentences you can say to or about a woman. Not only are you belittling her job title by not mentioning it but also calling her “girl” instead of her own name. It suggests that the woman’s job isn’t worth mentioning it, or even that it isn’t even a job. Also by not calling her by her name it suggests that she’s not even a person worth respecting. Not only are they calling the woman a “girl” suggesting that she isn’t even of age to work. In my opinion this takes away some of her rights because often young girls do not have as much rights as women has.

In terms of gender roles, in this example we see that women had the role of being a secretary, or honestly someone that just serves for her boss who was most likely a man. It angers me that even though this was written in the 1979’s stuff like this is still HAPPENING. Often times people do not call women by their correct names, whether it is her actual name or if she has a doctorate referring to her as doctor.

We see this kind of example in the 2016 presidential debates, Donald Trump never refers to Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, or even Hillary for that matter. He simply calls Hillary, her or she, he constantly belittles her when he doesn’t mention her accomplishments or even her own name. This needs to stop, I agree with the article column, LETS GET RID OF “THE GIRL”!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016