Time to keep fighting

After looking at different advertisement campaigns and the Jo’s beginning works of advertising for women and men, I was inspired to think of a way to spread the word on gender roles my self. Sometimes I feel that the general population including myself does to get the full message when words are just being written on a page. Often people do not understand the feminist lingo, or do not have the time and or patience to read a lot of words. Photos and actions are often characterized as being stronger than words written on a page. 
Gender roles and gender bias are issues that plagued not only this election but also society as a whole. Many stereotypes are placed upon the gender of individual and it affects someone’s life very negatively. I decided to ask friends and people around campus to send me a picture of them defying an assigned gender role or stereotype. I also asked them to write a caption for the photo with the format “Why can’t I…” or “Who says I’m not…” or “why did you think I couldn’t….”. I thought it was necessary to only have the captions as the only source of words on the page, I wanted people to discover the message behind the photos on there own. With the results of the election, it is very important as a feminist to show people that gender roles are defining us as individuals and that is a problem. We need to continue to fight against assigned gender roles and live as the individuals that we strive to be.

Monday, November 14, 2016