Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton has been in the public political eye for basically 30 years. She has endured great setbacks while having amazing successes. During this election cycle, she was nominated by the Democratic Party to be their candidate towards the 2016 Presidential Election. She faced untold amount of scrutiny for everything she did, didn’t do, and could have done. Clinton’s campaign was without mistakes, over-estimations, and under-estimations. She was and continues to be an exemplary role model for people everywhere, particularly women. She let the rhetoric thrown towards her, particularly the sexist rhetoric roll right off her shoulders. She responded with sharp quips, jokes, and a sense of preparedness that could not be ignored by her counterparts. She used his own words against him in campaign ads, in debates, outside debates. His words were so harmful and painful, that Hillary didn’t have to say a thing. All she had to mention was he was unfit to be President. Even though he is unfit, he is now our President. Even though Hillary will not serve as our President, she will now scrutiny based on her campaign, campaign strategies, and herself. She is the most qualified person to run for President, probably ever. I will repeat my advice for her, be yourself, stay strong, use quips and funny language, and stay Hillary.