Educating Women to Protect Their Sexual Health

A big portion of my scrapbook related to the Fantastic Feminist is dedicated to women learning how to defend themselves from a sexual predators. There was this folder that was titled “We Care America”, which used to be called “Weapons Corp America”. There were pamphlets that teach women how to use their keys as a weapon in case they were walking to their cars alone late at night. There is also their product called the “ChemShield” that is a non-toxic version of pepper spray that doesn’t actually use most of the components of mace. This product is advertised to be more effective than tear gas and is to be used on an assailant. It also comes in a small size that can be attached to your key chain, making your keys an even more effective weapon against sexual assault. I think conventions are incredibly necessary especially around 1980 when education of their sexual health fell on the women. Even now I would want to see these conventions because I do not think we have progressed to an era where women get help educating themselves about their bodies and how to protect them from attackers. Women still have to go out of their way to learn how to prevent these events from occurring instead of living in a society where this information is incorporated in the common discourse. This correlates to the topics orbiting women’s sexual health and there is still a market for pepper spray products in our society today but this is the first time I have heard about a convention that helps educate women on how to protect their bodies. Nowadays women have to go out of their way to come across things like this, which is important to note. Connecting this back to the current election, Donald Trump has made serious comments about how it is so easy for him to sexually assault women because he is rich and can do what he wants. This creates an atmosphere that makes it acceptable for young men to assault young women because Trump says it’s ok and results in people like Brock Turner. Educating women on how to protect themselves is just as relevant now as it was in the 80’s.