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In this folder, the most interesting page for me is a music festival poster from 1982, it is called “National Women’s Music Festival”, it is a two-night festival in Bloomington, Indiana, the theme is feminism. The entire concert instruments players and singers are feministic activists.

Since 1982, the National Women’s Music Festival was incorporated into the work of the non-profit Women in the Arts, Inc. The festival was held in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio and later found a permanent space in the Madison, Wisconsin until now. Every year, the festival invited all the feministic artists, speakers, musicians and activists across the country. There are many different kinds of activities during those two days, the concert is the main activity, and the attendees could also communicate after the concert and had breakfast together.

In 1982’s performances, Margie Adam was one of the famous one. She is a singer, songwriter and a pianist. She was raised by a piano teacher and a newspaper writer in a political culture. Through her songs, she always shares social justice and peace in her released CDs.

Posted September 25, 2016