Joanne McQueen mentions NOW (National Organization for Women) a lot in most of her letters. She attended many times of NOW meetings in her career life. Through her letter content, it is easy to find that she did a lot of feministic and business work for the organization, and had communications about meeting themes with other activists.

Based on the statement of NOW in 1966, it is an organization for women movements and rights, it is striving for women difficulties and problems, it is the biggest female organization in the United States, members’ purpose is to protect women and fight for women rights. It never stops to eliminate discriminations for girls and women.

The members of NOW did a lot of business work for this organization. Every year, NOW sells different kinds of souvenirs, Joanne and her friends helped to sell feministic dolls, T-shirts and notecards in order to collect the fund. Joanne and Jane were working on equa-cards in 1982, In one letter that was written by Joanne, she tells Jane that she sold 11 packs of Jane’s cards, and this time is more than last time, she is very glad about this trail. The notecard is equa-cards, which means bring equality for all women.

I cannot find the one in 1982, this is a pdf format example of notecard of Virginia chapter meeting. The local chapter of NOW meeting seeks equal rights and responsibilities in kinds of women, the citizenship, employment, girl’s education and family life are all aspects of activists’ responsibility to protect.

Posted October 2, 2016