What The Scanning Actually Means

Over the course of this semester, I have been working to digitalize a couple of years of Joanne McQueen’s work, 1979-1981 in particular. In addition to getting to know Joanne personally and listening to her stories about the ERA and countless of other events, I have gotten to see the work she accomplished in the name of Feminism. As a current day feminist, it is important to see and recognize the fight that the people before us fought. These fights are not finished, no matter what we or they have accomplished. The current feminist generation has to look at the past in order to succeed in the future. I don’t mean to say that we must live in the past, but instead we have to learn from the accomplishments of our predecessors in order to strive for our own fight and our own accomplishments. These women and men paved the way for us, and we need to trust them to show us the ropes for a world they helped mold. The scrapbooks that Joanne has provided us with tells me one thing: let’s not “Make America Great Again”, let’s “Keep Making America Great“. We can do this by fighting in similar ways that Joanne’s generation have fought. We must learn from their work and advance it to make our own mark on this world. We have to keep fighting for women’s right to choose what they can or can’t do their own bodies. We have to fight to keep issues such as abortion out of politics, as it is not a political issue. Abortion is between a doctor and the family and has no business being in the minds of our politicians, especially when those politicians have shown no formal education on the issue. Abortion is not a public procedure and it deserves to be treated as such. It is also no a choice women make lightly, so we need to stop feeding a discourse that punishes women for making that decision. The scanning matters because it allows us to see the work already done and apply it to the work we are currently doing. If you ever have the chance to learn through the work of another feminist, a role model, I would greatly encourage it.